Friday, 12 August 2016

Family trip to Ayios Neophytos Monastery in Tala

One of the places that worths to be visited this summer, is the scenic Monastery of Agios Neofytos (Neophytos) in Tala village (Paphos). The trip to the monastery can easily be combined with a visit to an indeed family restaurant, Acropolis Tavern; making this an all round perfect day.

The monastery is situated only a few kilometers out of Paphos town, in a scenic area, at the finish of the road from Tremithousa village to Tala village. The history of the monastery starts in 1159 when the Cypriot Saint chose this area to build his hermitage (Englistra). Saint Neofytos lived through the end of the Byzantine period and the beginning of the Francocracy (1191 A.D.) in Cyprus. The saint spend his life at the area of the monastery, till he departed in 1219 A.D., at the age of 85.

A tour of the monastery area, starts from the Englistra. The hermitage cave has been carved by the saint himself and displays some very impressive Byzantine Frescoes. The actual tomb of the saint is also situate there. Some steps further, carved in the rock, there is a spring of Holy Water. Still further, the Church is situated encircled with the monastery's dormitories. Inside the church, people can venerate the relics of the Saint. Crossing the garden of the monastery, you can finish your tour with a visit to the museum of the monastery. There, you can see holy icons of outstanding artistic value, from the Byzantine era. There are also other exhibits from the monastery and religious artifacts from the area.

The access to the monastery is so easy, that it begs to be visited with family or with friends, as part of a short or one day excursion. A trip full of history, religion, fun and yet so near Paphos that it could be a walk. The Monastery is situated less than 15 minutes drive from Paphos city. You first go up Mesoyis Avenue (towards Tsada village) and at Mesoyi-Tremithousa trafic-lights, you turn left towards Tala. At the end of this road, there is a place that looks like part of a small forest on the outskirts of the modern city.

'Acropolis Tavern' restaurant
Along that route, at Mesoyi-Tremithousa traffic-lights, there is a restaurant called 'Acropolis Tavern', where you can make a stopover. There, you can take a rest, drink something before going on with your trip or have lunch/dinner upon returning from the tour of the monastery. You need not make a detour and there is a convenient parking place just behind the restaurant. It is the perfect venue for a shorter or longer stop, especially if you come from other regions of Cyprus. 

The restaurant has its own parking place, and easy access for handicapped people. Children can play at the playground and rest in their own way. Adults can enjoy their drink or food at a place near Paphos, but far away of the annoying moisture of the city and the coastal area. The breeze of the spot and the way that the restaurant is built, will make you to remember your excursion for a long time!
We wish you an excellent trip day!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Science of eating out with kids

As a single person, eating out is quite simple. Get dressed, have a wallet full of cash and sky is the limit. Dinner dates when you're single? Epic! Red wine tastes better, you have all the time to serenade your dream date and gaze on that lovely smile. But, put kids in that picture and what used to seem like a no-brainer is suddenly rocket science. Eating out is so complex you dread the adventure. The table belongs to the children, you're now married to your dream partner but watching her/him smile is like breathing rarefied air because for some reason the kids seem to possess quantum-like powers; they can be everywhere! And the red wine you ordered, you didn't get to taste it.

But, what if the restaurant could help sort out all this locomotion? What if the restaurant valued you so much, they actually made provisions for the kids? What if, thanks to how your restaurant is designed, you can relive those precious moments with your partner, while the kids are having loads of fun... away from the table. What if your restaurant had a playground? What if your choice restaurant was Acropolis Tavern?

At Acropolis Tavern, we know that creating a kids’ corner (playground) gives you a chance to enjoy your meal in a relaxed manner and get the true value of your money.  As a parent, the benefits of eating at a restaurant with a playground can neither be underestimated nor overstated. To put that into perspective, we have made a list of reasons why you should choose a restaurant with a playground over others.

When you eat at a family restaurant:
  • You have quality private time: Kids can enjoy themselves on the playground, especially when in the company of other kids. While they're having fun, so are you. If you're out with that special one, you can both enjoy the marvel of quality Cyprus wine without worrying about the kids’ interference.
  • You enjoy a relaxed atmosphere: The best playgrounds are usually outdoors and thus visiting a restaurant with one, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing beats a nice stay at a family-friendly location with tasty food where children don't have to sit still but really can be kids, running wild at a nearby playground. The little ones can have fun while you are watching over them and at the same time enjoying a nice café latte or savour a slice of cake.
  • You can meet other friends with kids: Kids can socialise with their peers and this is also true for their parents. There is no better place to invite and meet other families with kids (or even friends without kids). Children can use playing as a “natural language” while parents can socialize with less (or perhaps more) playful subjects.
  • You get the real value of every cent spent: Virginia Woolf once said: "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well". Spending money for a bottle of wine you couldn't taste because your restaurant didn't make provision for the kids is rather hurtful if you ask us.
At Acropolis Tavern restaurant we have got you covered. With a beautiful playground for the kids, delicious variety of delicacies, and sensational music that gives you that Greek god or goddess feeling, we are the restaurant you want to visit for your next family meal. Open from 10:30 am -  11:45pm every day. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Kids Menu prices

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Benefits of Quality Outdoor Playgrounds

There aren’t many activities superior to outdoor playing, when it comes to improving your children’s multiple intelligence types: Interpersonal, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Intra-personal, and Spatial Intelligence. Outdoor playgrounds may just seem to offer a physically intensive activity; however, a wealth of skills and dexterities are developed and improved exactly through such activities. Imagination, problem-solving and motor skills and language development are all greatly enhanced. Moreover, children learn how to surpass their obstacles, both mental and physical. Therefore, it is apparent that by allowing your kids to interact with high-quality, durable, colourful and fun outdoor playground equipment, you actively boost your children’s development in all aspects.

It is important to note that not all outdoor playground gear is created equal. So, make sure you entrust your children’s safety to places where appropriate care has been shown in the preparation of a playground, such as those found in family restaurants, for instance. Keep reading for a detailed overview of the advantages for kids from outdoor playground equipment.

Communication and social skills development. Playing outdoors and engaging in physical activities through outdoor playgrounds puts kids in the director’s chair, in charge of crafting and living through their own fantasy scenarios. Especially since most kids narrate their game stories, they inadvertently exercise their brains to convert their thoughts into words. They often repeat ideas and words they hear at home or school, without necessarily knowing what they mean, yet this habit strengthens their visualization capabilities and improves their vocabulary, ultimately building their grammar comprehension. This is an ongoing process, where children upgrade the quality of the scenarios they devise as they get better with language. Through this process, outdoor playgrounds are essential in the development of social skills and dexterities, including empathy, understanding, and compassion. The best is that all children benefit; extroverted children learn about limits, and introverted ones are encouraged to socialize more. 

Problem solving and self-control. Self-control is not considered a typical trait in most children. This is where outdoor playing can help since it teaches children the existence of limits and boundaries. Research has repeatedly shown that kids control themselves more effectively when they engage in outdoor activities. So, by encouraging your children to spend more time in outdoor playgrounds, you help them to exert better control of their impulses. Moreover, as they interact with their friends in various outdoor activities, they learn how to find solutions to real problems, thus they improve their problem-solving abilities. So, by having fun while playing, they become better equipped to handle tomorrow’s real-life hardships.

Bonding opportunities. Through outdoor playgrounds, children actively develop their social and motor dexterities. But, more importantly, outdoor playgrounds provide a stellar opportunity for you, as a parent, to directly influence their progress in this regard. This way you will combine advantages with pure fun, and you will also strengthen your bond with your child.

Isn’t it marvellous how much of an impact outdoors playing can have? So, next time you gain access to a high-quality playground, not only think twice about letting your children play but actively encourage them – and join the fun! It will be time well spent for everyone!!!